Measurement Solutions

Understand the breadth of your fan impact across all of Viacom’s platforms and partnerships.

Viacom’s Performance Dashboard and Effectiveness Studies help you optimize and measure your campaign’s performance.


Get multi-platform performance insights for continuous measurement and optimization of your fan impact, at scale.


Vantage Campaign Effectiveness allows you to measure the impact of your campaigns based on pre-defined KPIs, including purchase consideration, brand spending, retail visits and engagement.

With flexibility to use first-party and/or syndicated data, Vantage Campaign Effectiveness uses correlated uplift modeling and advanced control-group models to test the impact of advertising campaigns on business KPIs, providing unmatched accountability and demonstrating the power of television. Effectiveness studies can include:

  • Brand Uplift

    Custom surveys to measure awareness, consideration and intent

  • Traffic Uplift

    Online visitation and geo-location data to show traffic impact

  • Viewer Engagement

    Set top-box data to show second-by-second viewing to zero in on targeting impact

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