Success Stories: Auto

Driving Success


A leading automaker wanted to reach more of their target segments across all of Viacom’s networks. At the same time, they wanted to find out exactly how their segments were responding to their message and brand, and how that differed from the rest of the broad audience.

  • Using Vantage, we ran a custom survey to identify audience segments in the Nielsen Universe
  • We ran multiple Vantage campaigns to identify targets
  • We measured second-by-second engagement data from set top-boxes, and mobile geo-location data for dealerships
94 %

higher concentration of target viewers than their rest of TV campaign and 27% better than their Viacom ROS buy

97 %

The in-target audience watched the ads 97% longer than those not in the target, confirming the advantage of reaching a receptive audience

32 %

Exposed viewers were 32% more likely to visit dealership after seeing the ad

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