Audience Solutions

Viacom vantage

Understand your fans and how best to reach them with Viacom’s advanced audience platform.

Viacom Vantage is our advanced audience platform offering best-in-class audience insights, predictive modeling, continual optimization and measurement to help you understand your fans and how best to reach them.


Aligned with your campaign KPIs and strategic audience segments, Vantage supports a wide range of objectives — from target concentration to broad reach — across linear, addressable and digital environments.

Impact Beyond Impressions

Vantage provides a complete view of not only the performance of your campaign but also the impact on your business outcomes, including:

  • Monitoring ad engagement through second-by- second viewing data
  • Capturing lift in brand affinity and purchase intent
  • Measuring in-store traffic

Flexible & Agile

Vantage runs agile and responsive campaigns — from a speedy onboarding process to transparent reporting and effectiveness delivered directly to you.


Vantage’s advanced data capabilities allow you to build and onboard your own custom audience:

  • Build a custom audience using leading syndicated data providers as well as DMP or CRM data.
  • Activate and reach pre-built, high-quality audience segments based on unique insights about Viacom’s fans.
  • Combine reach optimization and targeting with Vantage Studio Edition for movie campaigns defined by both reach and targeting goals.
  • Influence consumer intent within previously hard-to-define parts of the purchase funnel with Vantage Intent. Anchored in an exclusive relationship with American Express, harness the power of both companies’ unmatched data capabilities.
  • Identify persuadable audience segments with Target Discovery, our unique proprietary capability that enables marketers to discover the most persuadable elements of your target segment.

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